The Regeneration of My Syllabus

I’ve always gone over expectations and routines with students and sent them home to parents.  This last year we tried actually teaching one section a day and gluing it into their notebooks. Also sent one home and had a ‘sign, tear off and return’ part.  But throughout the year it was clear that students and parents had either forgotten or hadn’t read them.  So, this is what I’m thinking of this year, with a little humor at the end.  I teach 6th grade, urban setting and know that there is not one answer for all but would love to hear what works for you.

I’m approaching this like a unit.  What are the desired outcomes and how best to get there?  Students and parents should be able to find and understand expectations and procedures easily in a ‘rememberable’ format.  Perhaps a guide or handbook would do this.  There would be a limited amount of print and a few illustrations per section, two sections per page.  It would be copied on 17 x 22 paper and folded/stapled into a book. It would include most of the same material of a syllabus but presented as a guide not ‘here are my rules’ style.

I’ve been playing around with names. It should be clear and draw the reader in.  Something that they relate to or is entertaining.  The challenge is that this is different for parents and students.  So here are the ideas so far. Some are serious and others I couldn’t resist.

  • Math 6 Owners Manual
  • Life Hacks for Math 6
  • Ready Student One
  • How to Succeed in Math 6 by Really Trying
  • Are Your Mathy Senses Tingling?
  • Code Cheat
  • League of Extraordinary Mathematicians
  • Play Book for Math 6, How to  Score
  • (how not to be) 20,000 Points Under the C
  • Around the Math in 365 Scaled Score Points
  • Make Math Great Again

I just got Ready Player One from the library so I’m going by the title only and that it will be a movie soon.  Let me know if you’ve read it and it doesn’t really work.  And if you know how to change comments to show immediately please let me know.  I’ve searched and can’t get back to it.

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