I teach 6th grade math in a large urban district.  I have taught in a one room school, small districts, public and private schools and 4 years at the college level.  My BA is in Elem. Ed, Social Sciences and Biblical and Theo. Studies.  My M.Ed is in curriculum and instruction.  Math has always been more than an interest but in the 70’s girls weren’t encouraged to go into Math.  I like to say that Math was my ‘mid-life crisis’ and so I obtained my middle school endorsement in Math.  I’ve almost always taught Math but the last 17 yrs. it has been all I’ve taught.

I believe students need to grapple with ideas, making sense of them along the way.  They need to understand some basics of how their minds work and learn how to work/live in a community.  And, hopefully, when they leave my class they will better understand how math is the real world, that the real world and the people sitting right next to them, need to be both respected and helped.